“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

-Henry David Thoreau



_Maya Angelou

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Maya Angelou said that there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. So far in this life, I’ve found this to be true. I think I was in agony, trying to hide the reality of my life at times. I used to silence myself out of fear of being misunderstood, but I’ve found that there’s so much more power in authenticity and speaking your truths.

Know yourself, and be who you are. This was the key to finding myself, but I realize finding yourself is only half the battle. The real journey begins when deciding what to do when you succeed in doing so.

I’m a writer, an artist who chooses to paint her story with words. I hold writing dear to me, because it allows me to be honest and stay true to myself. It’s become a part of me, an extension of my mind even, because it’s not always easy to vocalize, or find the right words in the moment.

In reality I’m soft spoken, and it’s hard to project when my mind is moving faster than I can speak. I’d rather write a letter, it gives me time to search for the right the words and it seems easier to convey meaning and emotion, so maybe these are my letters, because I believe a story left untold is just a memory.

I’m a creative and writing has become one of my many crafts, I’ve finally stepped into my role and I feel myself evolving more and more into a story teller. Words come easily for me, from a place way deep down inside. People always say that actions speak louder than words, I’ve even blogged about it, but I’d say now that words are pretty powerful too. Words have the power to encourage, to inspire, to take you away into the writers mind and make you feel something.

There’s so many avenues for creating something you can feel. I believe that creativity is a gift, and I’m here now on this journey to give my ideas as gifts back to the world. This is a timeless journey of self-discovery and self- awareness told from my hands with a pen to a page.

This is real life here, and it’s happening all around us. And as it does, I reminisce.

Photos via  | Styled by

Photos via | Styled by

Reminisce with me.