I've been thinking about how growing up I never finished the things I started. I wasn't really into sports per say, but I did love dance and cheer, and I actually did like softball and gymnastics when I tried it. I was flexible, I could move, I could be coached, I learned fast and I could remember routines. I never stuck with any of it and I regret it so bad, because all of the time and effort I did put into it went in vain. I didn't give myself time to develop and now I'll never know who I could've became. I learned that patience is something I lack that I need more of. It's like I'll love to do something, and I aspire to be great at it, but it's hard for me to endure the wait to greatness. I guess the stress of the idea of failure is scary for me, but no one successful at anything made it on an easy route. I saw a video Will Smith made about failure the other day, and he said that if you're going to be successful at anything you're going to have to accept and embrace the idea of failure. He said that you have to constantly push yourself to the limit in order to learn yourself and what you can endure.

It's true though, because the idea of knowing that pushing yourself can lead to picking up the pieces when you fail is the hardest part. If there's anything I've learned in life thus far is that you should always go for what you want, no matter the mistakes or disappointment it may lead to, because anybody around you that's actually doing something took the risk. The pain that reminiscing on shoulda coulda woulda is far worse than anything, especially when you realize that you were the only thing standing in your own way of something great.

I think that you have to get yourself to the edge and persevere just when you're about to crumble, then do or don't. But constantly thank God for lessons learned when you take that risk, because you're learning and growing on the way to where you want to be.


Remember that patience is a virtue so be patience with yourself, learn yourself, know yourself and push yourself to the limit. There's everything to loose if you don't. 💋