Too Stressed to Repress.

Everybody's always telling us to forgive and forget. Yea its cliche, but we've all battled with this at one time or another. I've had a lot of time to think this over and countless examples of how this idea has effected me in my daily life, but I think that I've finally started to figure it out. I think that forgiveness is a concept that you have to learn, work on, and continue to work on because its usually never something that's easy to do. Its sometimes easier to move on and forget the things that cause us pain, because we feel like it hurts less this way, but does it actually hurt less?


Forgiving vs. Forgetting

Forgiving-  enables you to address issues or actions that are hurting you in order to be able to recover.

Forgetting- allows you to repress your feelings.


Repressed feelings are the worst kind. You're just going about your day, minding your business, one thought leads to another, and then there they are creeping up from behind. Right when you thought you were over it, you're fixated on all that you went through and suddenly you're back where you started. I think you have to forgive to forget sometimes, because it's only then that you can start to fully heal and release the burden of pain.


"Forgiveness is a constant battle between what the heart wants and what the mind won't let you let go of."


The art of forgiveness is a little selfish in a way, but when you reach your breaking point and realize that the stress of your feelings is consuming your life, why wouldn't you choose yourself? It's tricky because forgiveness is a constant battle between what the heart wants and what the mind won't let you let go of. I mean, the heart wants what it wants, but how many times does your heart tell you to let go, and your subconscious keeps spitting up the repressed feelings? How many times do you claim to not care about something, but every time you're upset it's the first thing you blurt out through your tears?

Hmm, that's when you know it’s time to let it go. πŸ’‹