I saw another good video on Facebook the other day, this one was 50 cent sharing his story with the world. I've always loved 50, because he's open with the struggle that he comes from, he's well spoken, and he used his struggle to fuel him into becoming the person and mogul he is today. I think his story is one that anyone can applaud. He went from growing up in the street, without his parents, overcoming a near death experience, to becoming a rapper, actor, millionaire. Like whaa? He says in the video that your past circumstances cannot define you and the key to success is believing in yourself, even when the odds are totally against you. I grew up in a small town in Jersey, I think its safe to say that no one around me necessarily had it all. I was really receptive to the way that I grew up though, I knew the struggles that my mom went through to provide for us as a single parent and that's where all of my ambition stems from. I wasn't blessed as an athlete or musical genius, but I knew I was good at school. I knew from a young age that excelling in high school and going to college was going to be my way out. I wanted to be the one who broke the cycle, and I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to do well, because for me not being successful wasn't an option.

Sometimes you have to use your circumstance to your advantage, go against the odds, and challenge the world's expectation of who you're supposed to be. If you're a low income minority with good grades, take advantage of every scholarship, grant and program you can to go to school. Then push yourself to the limit so that you don't become just another statistic. We all know the stigma surrounding the young 50 Cent: young black kid left with no parents destined for the streets, jail, or death. Youdecide what happens when you come close to your predestined situations, either you succumb or you decide to believe in yourself and be your own inspiration.

When you start feeling your calling, you have to decide to make the conscious effort to work on whatever that is every single day. You have to do what you have to do for the Man 9-5, then go home and work on your dreams. If you keep reminding yourself what it is that you're working for, there's no way that you won't succeed. 50 said, " I feel like you can will yourself into a good space. If you believe in yourself, things that are meant to be will."



"...you can will yourself into a good space. If you believe in yourself, things that are meant to be will."

There's so much truth in this, I believe that the mind is powerful and as long as you keep your mind on the prize you'll make it. I don't think anyone should ever get a pass for their past, because its your life's experiences that shape you and give you a path to become someone greater than your circumstances. I think 50 is right when he says that he doesn't regret anything, because how could you? We go through all things for a reason: to gain knowledge about the world, about ourselves, about people, about life. So let your past be a path for you, not a pass. 💋