WOW I'm super excited to have been nominated AGAIN for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Big THANK YOU to RudyMariee from Visionsandgiggles, for giving me this opportunity yet again to get myself and my blog out there for some new readers and also a chance to find some new bloggers to nominate!

Reading through her lifestyle blog, I became immediately inspired, as she shares her stories of some of the battles that she has gone through in her life. What's most important is that RudyMariee is not afraid to let her readers into her battles, and she courageously shares her journey of how she maintains and overcomes. She's an inspiration to me as I am sure she is for many other readers, and I'm so excited to keep up. Make sure you stop by and check out her blog, linked above!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog post and link back to her blog.

  2. Answer 11 questions that the Blogger asked you.

  3. Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the awards and write them 11 questions.

  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine blogger award logo in your post on your blog

My answers to RudyMariee's questions:

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years I see myself living in the city, or by the beach somewhere like Cali or NYC, working in PR/Mass Comm. I can almost see myself free lancing, but we'll see!

  2. If you could change one thing about our current world what would it be? If I could change one thing about our current world, it would be Colorism within the black community. Its something that's always annoyed me, and I'm so glad all shades of brown are starting to be appreciated. Finally.

  3. Why did you stat blogging? I started blogging because I feel like writing and getting my feelings out has always been something that came natural to me. People closest to me know that I'm pretty much an open book, but I never thought that this type of hobby was something that I could ever pursue as a career. I went to school for Product and Brand Marketing, and now I realize all I want to do is brand myself. So what better way? I heard in church one day, or no I think from Steve Harvey that we have stop pushing away the things that we are drawn to do even if it seems like it would be something silly. He said that's how we know what it is that we should pursue. So when I think about writing, its the only thing right now that I can literally push myself to do for work without it feeling anything but exciting and rewarding.

  4. What advice would you give to new bloggers? For new bloggers my advice would be to BE YOURSELF! I think that the only way to find your niche and attract the audience you want is to let them see who you really are. Overcoming the fear of that was the hardest step for me, but now it feels great, therapeutic even, to let my readers into real stories and experiences that I've been through. It was when I overcame this that my readers really started to engage with me, and It pushes me to want to keep writing.

  5. What is the most interesting or most unusual thing about yourself? I think that the most unusual thing about myself is that I'm obsessed with cleaning. I'll literally make time in any schedule to clean something, no matter if I'm going to be late, and I'm sure it could wait until later, doesn't matter. And its not clean unless its Anissa Clean!

  6. What would be your idea of a perfect day? My idea of a perfect day would be to wake up in a hotel by the beach, go out for pancakes and unlimited mimosas for breakfast, go for a nice bike ride along the beach, take a walk hand in hand on the sand, watch the sunset with some apricot blue moons, kick back watching Definitely, Maybe with some Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream? I'm all about relaxation, simplicity and romance!

  7. What are you most passionate about? I would say that I am most passionate about love. Everybody needs love.

  8. What are you planning to do differently in 2018 in regards to your blog? Though I started my blog up at the end of last year, this year I am planning to be a lot more consistent with posting, advertising and sticking to my schedule. I realized that I do actually have a lot of time on my hands which I could definitely use to work on my blog. Everyday for the past couple of weeks I work on my blog from 3:30- 6pm faithfully, I've stuck to my schedule. When I decide to post I set a deadline for myself, which is usually 6pm to get it done without distraction. I've also started to use social media to my advantage when I do put up a blog post, so that family and friends know its out there and can like comment and share also! So I want to keep up with this, because its been working great for me.

  9. Have you found anything in particularly difficult during your blogging journey? The one thing that I find is most difficult is taking time out to find new blogs to follow. It's not as easy as it seems, just because it takes A LOT of time, but when I do stumble upon one its so rewarding. Even when you think you're into a specific type of blog or writing style you could become captivated in a different type, because of a story they told or because something they said resonated in you.

  10. What kind of books do you enjoy reading? I'm somewhat of a hopeless romantic, so I really enjoy reading fiction love stories, those are my favorite. I used to really love Sarah Dessen and Nicholas Sparks books as a teenager, because that's what they're mainly about. I also like a good mystery, but still with some ounce of love in it. I haven't had the chance to read for pleasure as much now as a young adult, but anyone who really knows me knows I've always loved to read and I really do get excited about a good, fresh, crisp book! (Psst..Drop me some authors!)

  11. If you could be anyone for 24 hours, who would it be and why? If I could be anyone for 24 hours, I'd probably be Carrie Bradshaw. Sex and the City is easily my favorite series, and I loved Carrie's character in the show. She's young, sassy, and stylish, and her guy is old and stubborn, but she tames him. I think that in some ways her lifestyle is alluring to me, she's just writing her column, hanging with her friends and looking for love. Again, I'm a hopeless romantic, who loves the idea of loveand plus who wouldn't want to be 30 out in New York City, writing about it. I would!

Thank you for these questions, they really do get me thinking about life! Its been taking me some time to finish up this post for that reason, and also because I've been wanting to take time out to find some other bloggers to nominate!

My 11 nominees:

  1. Makupsy

  2. Rachel Clark

  3. Dreamfilleddaughter

  4. MyVicariouslife

  5. Rhapsody Bohème

  6. Aphorisms

  7. MakeupManiac

  8. The Godly Chic Diaries

  9. GracePaced†

  10. Pure Glory

  11. dynaxty

I honestly love all of your blogs, and I always enjoy stopping by to catch up and let you know you know my reactions to your posts!

 My 11 questions for you:

  1. What inspires you to keep up with your blog?

  2. What is your favorite thing to do on rainy days?

  3. What is your ideal profession?

  4. What are some things you have learned about yourself through blogging?

  5. Do you cook? What is your favorite dish to make?

  6. How do you feel about forgiveness?

  7. Cats or Dogs?

  8. Where is your favorite place to vacation?

  9. What's on your playlist right now?

  10. Any advice you would give aspiring bloggers?

Thank you again to visionandgiggles for this nomination! I love responding to these posts and having the chance to share some of the really good blogs I've been following. Be sure to check them out!