Mirror, Mirror.

"You need to  surround yourself with people and things that you vibe with or that make you happy and focus on them. Always. Forget everyone and everything else that doesn't."

In church this week, the Pastor preached about how sometimes we all need to just take a step back and assess ourselves. Assess the way we smell, the way we come off to others. He said that often times we wonder why people sometimes don't want to be around us, be our friend etc., and how we end up blaming other people for the vibe that we are creating and giving off to others.

I can most definitely say that energies and vibes are all around us and I'd also say that I've always been receptive to the vibes of others. I'm sure that many other people can say the same. Have you ever had that one person whose spirit always seems to uplift you? Or that someone in your life who manages to drain you of your energy? Or that person who always seems to rub you the wrong way, but you just can't figure out why? Bad vibes. Its almost like they do have a strange stench, and we find ourselves unknowingly turning up our noses and bending up our faces in response to someones presence.

Being back in Richmond has me thinking a lot about college and the person I was during my years in school. All I can say is that I guess I wasn't fully prepared to start becoming some one else in a place that felt so unfamiliar, and even though I did have some really good moments it was hard to be in a time where it felt like I was constantly juggling my life. I was working, doing work- study, trying to get some sleep, get good grades, trying to get to class and pass them, and I was around people who I desperately wanted to understand me. I was emotional and my presence wasn't always a good one, because I barely even understood myself. As a result, I had a vibe that that I disliked, and the people around me probably disliked it too. Because no one wants to be around a constant negative energy, it's too much of a burden to bare.

When I first started blogging I wrote a post about choosing your vibe and finding ways to protect it, but I feel like the first step is absolutely taking an outside look at yourself and figuring out if you can even bare your own energy. Sometimes the energy you give off is a result of your own mind and circumstances, but you need to ask yourself if you're that Negative Nancy of the group. Are you that person who stinks? If so, then you need to  surround yourself with people and things that you vibe with or that make you happy and focus on them. Always.

Forget everyone and everything else that doesn't. 💋