I heard the other day that our names have a deeper meaning than we think. My name is Anissa Lachelle and if you really know me, and grew up with me, you know how much stress my name has caused me. I'm always having to correct people on the pronunciation, because people almost never say it right. When I'm at Starbucks or something and they have to write my name on my cup, I cringe and I have to say my name is Melissa so I don't look like an ass repeating myself a hundred times. People always ask me what my name means, so I googled it yesterday and it popped up in the Urban Dictionary. Surprisingly, I felt like this was oddly accurate.

I used to think my name was just some weird name, and I always felt so ordinary, so I wished that I had a more ordinary name. But I guess I have a unique name, because I'm extraordinary and destined for greatness. Time to embrace it, it's who I am. It's all right there.💋