Fun Fact: Back at Rahway High I was in a mentoring program called Heroes and Cool Kids where we'd mentor the kids at Rahway Middle School.

I actually felt honored to do it, because for one it was like we were all hand selected discreetly in gym one day, and they just gave us these t-shirts with the program name on it and didn't really say much about it so I knew it was special. We used to go to these day long workshops workshops where we'd study and role play with kids from other high schools. They'd taught us how to talk to younger kids about bullying and various other issues kids face in school. Then, we'd walk down to the middle school and spend time with the kids, encouraging them and doing different activities to raise awareness about the issues.

It made me feel really good to do this. In a way, it was like giving back to our community, where the kids did actually look up to us.  I feel like I wanted to put this out there to the universe that I'm wanting to get back into this kind of work again, because the youth now a days need mentorship. More than mentorship even, they need support, guidance, and real life influence that doesn't come from social media, internet and television. If there's one thing I know, they need some type of release where they can express themselves more freely and without fear. They're hiding so much pain.

I love kids, there's something innocent and pure about them. I'd like to see more children outside playing again, playing sports, interacting with each other, rooting for each other, believing in themselves and actually being kids, before the world takes their creativity and tells them everything they can't do. I'd like to give the youth more encouragement to dream and not be afraid to be different and to let their lights shine.

It's honestly crazy. I never thought about how being a part of an organization like Heroes and Cool Kids would shape me in this way and actually play a role in my life years later. It's like a repressed interest that has slowly made its way back. Well on that note, for my readers if anyone knows of any organizations in the Greater Richmond, VA area that are looking for any guest speakers, an inner city school that needs a speaker, or if anyone is looking to collaborate with me in starting an organization for mentorship of youth/teens feel free to head over to my contact page and drop me a message and let's do it!

The children are our future y'all.💋

P.S. Learn more about Heroes and Cool Kids here!