Hey everybody!

Guess what?

That's right it's been a while, but I'm back again with A Seat at the Table Podcast! This time I've manage to take a seat at the table and get into the discussion about celibacy and exactly how much you should disclose to your partner about your past. I'm so excited to share this experience, because it was so much fun!

At first, I'm not gonna lie, I was uncomfortable. Just at the thought of doing my first actual interview. I was psyching myself out a little bit, and trying to convince myself that I shouldn't do this. Maybe it was the topic of celibacy too. I was like I don't know if I should get this personal on my blog, but you know what?

This is real life, so we talk about real life here.

I told myself that this is an opportunity for so many different things. It was an opportunity to learn, and to come together with people with similar mindsets. We've all got that burning drive inside that leads us all in the same direction.


If it's one thing about me, I love being around people who say what they have to say and get right to the point. Getting the chance to actually sit with A Seat at the Table and hear their many points of views and perspectives was mind blowing. All of their voices are so powerful, each one just demands attention. I feel honored to have shared this moment with them, because I know one day really soon we're going to be looking back saying this moment changed our lives.

Thank you so much A Seat at the Table Podcast for having me as a special guest on your show! It still just blows my mind that there are really people out here that care what I have to say.

Everyone click the link to visit A Seat at the Table Podcast on Soundcloud to hear my iReminiss interview and hop into the discussion about sex, celibacy and relationships. What do you think, is it never too late to wait?

Let us know. Click here to listen.💋