I had to sit down and talk to God this morning, because I've just been feeling overwhelmed.  I've been having a strange anxiety sitting with me all the time now, but it's more because of the pace at which everything is shifting. I guess looking back, I had a fear of letting go and cutting my losses. Of knowing when to say when; because there's always that thought of what's awaiting on the other side of the pain. It really is all math though like Quiñ said, because in life there's almost always gains where there's losses. I've lost many things dear to me over the past few years, a plethora of things really. But even through the pain, for everything I've lost or grown apart from, something new came in its place.

I've lost relationships for a time, and came back to them with a totally new perspective. I've lost some for good, and learned how to open up to new people and accept new friendships. I've lost jobs or have had to give them up so a new opportunity would present itself. I've lost my apartment and got a better one, like you just have to roll with everything because it all works out somehow.

It does get uncomfortable, because underneath the excitement of every situation or opportunity there's always that fear that creeps up. Especially now that everything is unfolding and I don't even know how its happening. There's a part of me that keeps wanting to doubt myself and tell myself that I'm not capable of running my own business, but then when I look deeper it's already happening. It's more of a mindset though, like I just conduct myself like a business.

Closer on repeat again this morning, because I have to keep reminding myself that I'm just growing, and it's uncomfortable but I have to just roll with it. There's a quote I always think about, it's something like to be where you want to be, you have to go where you've never been. If you take this and just apply it to everything, whether thats people, places, routes, paths, whatever, it would make sense that opportunity awaits in everything you've never done.

In relationships they call it growing apart not only when you're moving in different directions, but especially when you're growing and they aren't. But sometimes its your job you grow apart from or your best friend too. I mean it's fine, because I know now that I've been on both sides, and sometimes you have to let go of the things that grow away and seek opportunity elsewhere. Those are things you just have to accept.

Learn how to move through your losses. Swim through them, fly through them, navigate through them to opportunity. Learn the lessons, recognize your growth, and accept the change. I keep saying it, get with the right energy because with out it theres absolutely no growth.💋