Shout out to my city! Feeling a little far from home lately. I've found myself on spur of the moment road trips from Va to Jersey twice now. It's funny, because when I go I don't really know what it is that I'm searching for. It's more of a yearning for something, but it's so far into my past that I can't grab it anymore.

When I come home now, I kind of feel like I don't belong. Maybe I don't anymore, maybe my time there passed a long time ago; but its still a place that I carry really near to my heart. Each time I've left there recently, it feels like I brought back another peace of the old me. Maybe I just had to be reminded of where I came from. I've always wondered why I felt so uncomfortable here in VA, eyes are always on me like I'm a tourist. I guess it's because deep down they know I don't belong to Virginia, and they know I never will.

Where I'm from I believe everyone had potential. As many sports and activities that I threw myself into, they were always backed by people who really believed in us. I feel like even through school our teachers gave us so much support, they were always looking out for us and giving us opportunity to take ourselves to the next level. Like, what happened to that?

Never have I been somewhere where I needed to question the intentions of someone, or wonder if someone was genuine or if someone really had my back. We were taught how to support each other and lift each other up, how to be loyal and how to be down for the ride. These are the people who still inspire me the most today.

I remember when I first thought about starting my blog. I noticed that two of my old friends Ciarra and Bea both had a Wordpress, and successful ones too. Other old friends breaking out as pageant queens, business owners, dancers, artists, athletes, designers. It's crazy because you literally have people everyday moving away to places like New York or LA to chase their dreams. But what happens when you go 40 min outside the city? You find Rahway, NJ with all the stars right there, grinding and working to pursue everything.

It's a funny story how I came to Rahway, but I truly believe that I was always meant to end up there. If it weren't for some of the people I met, people who mentored me, and the connections I have gained I don't think I would be where I am today.

So shout out to my city! We're all grown up now and gone our separate ways, but I see everybody out here grinding, working so hard. I love seeing everybody doing well and chasing their dreams.

Never forgetting from where I came, love always.💋