Yay, I love featuring other blogs on my site! I was inspired today by Takeia from Myvicariouslifeblog after reading her interview, where she had the opportunity to speak some real truths. My heart was actually breaking, reading about some of her experiences and what she's has had to overcome in life. She's proof that when you endure, you will overcome, but only if you never give up and always remember what you are striving for. I have developed a mission for iReminiss: To motivate and encourage others to speak their truths and heal themselves from within. This post reminded me why I write, and what motivates me to share my stories and to let it all hang out.

Though my blog is for everyone, I do believe that all women, especially the youth need mentors and role models. We need women to focus more on coming together and empowering one another, and practice giving our strength to one another. We need more women lifting each other up, rather than stealing each others light and tearing each other down.

I left a comment on Takeia's post that women have the strength to endure so much, always working two and three jobs, taking care of others, nurturing toxic relationships, birthing children, neglecting ourselves, and we still manage to pick our million pieces up off the ground. Though it's difficult at times, we need to cultivate confidence in one another and encourage our women to heal themselves from within.

Check out Takeia's post on cultivating confidence, while struggling with your truths! 💋

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